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Rev. Mapuranga – I am a target but I will still prevail

If God wanted, He would take you to heaven straight after you give your life to Jesus. There is a reason why He keeps you for many years before you die.As we go through these years, after we have been saved, we go through some patches in life where we find ourselves asking, “ Is God really there? Is heaven real?”. We must understand that God continues to lead us in the bad, rough, and seemingly unbearable times of life, as well as the good and joyous times as well. We tend to forget though, especially when afflicated that God continues to lead us, though we may wander away from the path He is setting for us. It is our mandate as Christians to continue to follow God’s lead at all times.The reason why we wander away from God’s lead is our mindset. This is where the major problem is during our walk with God in this life.
When we read from Matthew 27: 27- 31, we learn a mystery behind the mindset. In life, we must always know that there are people who are plaiting crowns of thorns for us. These thorns are not dull, small prickly thorns, but large sharp ones which are picked out specifically to inflict pain. This crown, and all they did in Jesus’ head was to inflict pain on His mindset. (Matthew 26: 42) This type of pain causes you to rethink your position in Christ and where you stand in life. What we should know about this scripture, emphasis being on Matthew 27: 29 is that Jesus, through it all, with all the pain being mounted on His mindset, He did not break. He gave us hope that even when we have been crowned with thorns, going through excruciating pain, we can conquer it, because He did it on the cross (John 17:20).
The question that we must ask ourselves is: what do you speak to yourself? It is Satan’s trick to inflict pain on your mindset in order to kill your faith in God and doubt all His wonderful promises and plans he proclaims in His word. During the time the crown of thorns, Jesus said this to himself: Luke 23:48. What do you say to yourself in difficult times? Jesus had to endure this torment so that He could show us that at the end of it all, we come out victorious and glorious. He showed us that our tormentors are the ones who will be put to shame at the end of it all, and we will come out as victors. What we must also learn as Christians is that when we are tormented, we come out refined and attain a better and higher position in life. (Judges 8:16; James 1:2).
When you are going through the time that Jesus went through in our main text (Matt. 27:27-31), you will be despised by some and looked down upon. However, during the time of mental torment, remember this: YOU ARE PRECIOUS IN THE EYESOF GOD. Do not let the devil deceive you into thinking you are worthless (Psalm 118: 22; Mark 12:10). Strive to continue to do good at all times (Gen 4:7). Also, watch what you say during mental affliction. God is the lifter of your head. He knows understands, and loves you. Which crown of thorns are you wearing today? Is it sickness, poverty, or low self-esteem? Look at Joseph (Genesis 37-39), David (1 Samuel 17) and Esther (Esther 4; 5). These were people in the bible who were despised, hated and of lowly stature whose life God had major plans for. When God intervenes on something perceived as small and despised, He brings out a beautiful and glorious result.
How we prevail
Hebrews 12: 1-2: We keep our focus on Jesus and look up to Him and not people. We are called to be Christ- like, not “people- like”.
Romans 12:2: Examine your thought process regularly ad cast down evil imaginations using the word. The more we read the word and internalize it, the word will become a part of us (John 1:14). Also, be conscious of your background and how it has impacted your behavior and thought process. Consistently compare what you do versus what God desires in us. Though you have been born again, there are some behaviours which we may have adopted growing up which are contrary to the fruits a Christian ought to bear.
1 Peter 5:8 – 2 Corinth. 4:8-9: Whatever difficult situation you go through in life, always remember this: God will give you hope and grace to pull through.
The Christian walk is never smooth road. You go up the mountain, and at times you are down in a valley. That is where you gain your strength as a Christian because you are challenged to apply the word and live it.